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ERP Analytics E-Governance Products

Get real-time data
at your fingertips

Get advanced analytics with high-speed transactions on real-time data for accurate and up-to-date response in just seconds with SAP Business One powered by HANA.

  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment
  • ACID-compliant
  • Advanced analytic data processing
  • Application services and more…

High performance delivered at
low business costs with

Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is the next-generation platform for SAP Business One that helps businesses analyze massive amounts of data to give them the answers they need right now.

Further, without complicating your IT landscape, SAP HANA eliminates the layer of complexities and unnecessary business costs associated with the typical IT architecture.

Key Benefits of SAP HANA

Why you should choose SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA?

Better & faster decision-making

Pre-built reports and dashboards which enable real-time inventory, order management, and cash-flow visibility. This results in better, faster decision making and measurable performance gains.

Execute orders on the fly

Immediately reserve current stock with advanced available to promise (ATP) app for future delivery dates and reschedule current inventory, ordered stock, replenished stock on the fly.

Use Google-type search

Reports that used to take hours or days can be compiled and drilled down in minutes. And no matter how much data your business has stored from any source, you can perform highly complex and data-intensive analysis in real-time.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Dramatically improve your cash balance visibility. In a few clicks, configure the calculations and track the movement of your cash flow: sales orders, purchase orders, down payments, and other cash-related transactions.

Facilitate Ad-Hoc Analysis

Empower employees to generate interactive, real-time standard and ad-hoc analysis without IT assistance.

Free your business with a legacy database

Empower all areas of your business and liberate your business from limitations set by the traditional database architectures.


What changes if I
switch to SAP HANA?

If you’re already using SAP Business One; it stays the same.

But what changes is the database technology that you use for running SAP Business One. SAP HANA cutting-edge database technologies can process transactions and analytical information at a much faster rate.

Pre-packed with business logic, SAP HANA helps reduce development and deployment time quite significantly. So, if your company needs better and faster oversight across its operations, SAP HANA could be the solution you’re looking for.


Achieve new heights with
our on-demand cloud-based
ERP software solution

Affordable subscription-based cloud software that helps you integrate and streamline key business processes including sales, purchase, inventory, accounting and more. Now spend more time on innovation and less worrying about the IT infrastructure.

  • Secure and proven functionality of SAP Business One on the cloud platform.
  • Get the freedom to scale your business as when you require.
  • Rely on world-class data centers to host and maintain your critical business data.
  • Significantly reduce your TCO with a subscription-based SAAS model.

Get access to the full capability
of SAP Business One with
the agility of the cloud

With the SAP Business One Cloud solution, it’s faster and easier to manage your critical business functions. You get the pay-as-you-go model and the latest functionality of the SAP Business One application without the need to invest in on-premise software. Let our experts at Aryasoft(india) show you how you can utilize the SAP Business One Cloud to its full potential.

SAP Business One Cloud Benefits

Increase your business agility and reduce IT overhead costs

Smooth and Rapid Deployment

SAP Business One Cloud is designed for smooth and rapid deployment. That means you can get up and run in a matter of weeks with minimal disruption to your operations.

Reduce CapEx Model

You get all the features of SAP Business One on the Cloud without even deploying the software on your premises which results in effective capital expense (CapEx) management.

Remote Access

With SAP Business One, all your key functions can be accessed simply anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Minimize IT Overhead

SAP Business One Cloud greatly minimizes the need to hire an experienced IT staff as there’s no need to maintain and support the software on-premise.

Safeguard your Data to Prevent Data Loss

Safeguard your data to prevent loss of information and ensure data security. The Cloud model is highly reliable than typical commodity disk drives, making it more secure and robust to manage your data.

Cost Savings and Faster ROI

With no need to deploy, maintain traditional, on-premise infrastructure and perpetual licenses you will observe that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is substantially reduced.

Enjoy on-the-go productivity
with instant data access

Give your entire team the power to accomplish mission-critical tasks from their devices simply anytime, anywhere.

  • View and update data instantly from anywhere, anytime
  • Make business decisions on-the-go with real-time analytics
  • Check inventory, reports and give approvals on-the-go
  • Manage employee productivity even when you are away from the office

Make real-time business
decisions on the go using
SAP Business One Mobile App

Mobility is here to stay and it’s only to become entrenched in today’s businesses. Our services for SAP Mobile enable businesses worldwide to quickly and accurately perform tasks, respond dynamically to the needs of your clients and find the information they need from anywhere and anytime. As an SAP Business One Gold partner, Aryasoft(india) will work with you to maximize the power of SAP mobile solutions.


SAP Business Mobile App Benefits

Get the freedom to do business from any device- anywhere, anytime!

360° view of actionable insights

View, search, compare and create sales quotations, activities, or sales order in real-time using visual and convenient display layout.

Track inventory in real-time

Monitor inventory levels and access detailed information about your products, including available quantity, overstock, under-stock, product specifications, and other details.

Access customized reports

Gain key information about your business the time you need it. Add your own customized reports to the app and easily share them with your employees.

Monitor daily activities

Arrange daily activities and visualize key business information with real-time information.

Get approvals and alerts

Get alerts on specific events and view approval requests waiting for your immediate action. Drill down fast into the relevant information before jumping to any decision.

Increase productivity of employees

Give your team the power to accomplish business tasks from their devices with mobile access to SAP Business One. Let them manage their key tasks and processes better.


               SAP Business One License

Flexible SAP Business One

Aryasoft(india) is a top-notch SAP Business One license provider with a proven track of 300+ successful ERP implementations. Our longstanding experience with SAP Business One licensing has made us one of the trusted leaders in the industry.

Get in touch with us and get complete access to download our
SAP B1 license Guide


SAP Business One
License Price Models

SAP Business One provides flexible licensing models so that you can choose the purchase method that best fits your budget and timeframe.

One Time Licenses

Pay the SAP Business One cost upfront and purchase a perpetual license for your business that you will own.

Licenses as Subscription

Pay the SAP Business One price per user/per month. This model requires an annual renewal of the SAP Business One license subscription.

Choose your SAP B1 License Type

Basic PACK

Subscription per month/year


Choose the most popular ‘basic licensing’ pack for SAP Business One and gain greater control over the most challenging business processes

  • Finance
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Bill of Maaterials
  • Mobile Included
Professional Pack

Subscription per month/year


Get access to all modules, features along with software development kit with SAP Business One professional license cost model

  • Administration
  • Financials
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • MRP
  • Service
  • HR
  • Mobile Included

Subscription per month/year


Seamlessly manage payroll, financials, sales aspects, and more with one-stop SAP Business One solution

  • Financials
  • Sales Aspects
  • Purchasing Aspects
  • Banking
  • Inventory Aspects
  • Production Aspects
  • Mobile Included

Subscription per month/year


Buy SAP Business One CRM user and convert potential prospects in leads, achieve greater customer satisfaction & discover more sales opportunities

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Purchasing Aspects
  • Inventory Aspects
  • Production Aspects
  • Service
  • Mobile Includ