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All option for website development


All option for website development

45,780.00 25,000.00

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Business Plan

For brochure type static websites



  • Upto 10 page static website
  • Responsive design
  • 1 contact form with autoresponder
  • .com domain name
  • 1 gb quality hosting space (Digital Ocean)
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • 1 year server maintenance included
  • Free basic SEO
  • Free e-book on how to promote your business
  • SSL (Secure Server Lock https://) included
  • Annual renewal Rs. 4,100/-
    includes domain name renewal & web hosting renewal with SSL.

Premium Business Plan

Dynamic CMS based website



  • Upto 15 page Dynamic website
  • WordPress CMS based design
  • Unlimited page creation feature with blog
  • Responsive design
  • 2 contact forms
  • .com domain name
  • 2 gb quality hosting space (Digital Ocean)
  • 30 Email Addresses
  • 1 year CMS & server maintenance included
  • Free e-book on how to promote your business
  • SSL (Secure Server Lock https://) included
  • Free basic SEO
  • Annual renewal Rs. 5,800/-
    includes domain name renewal, web hosting renewal with SSL renewal and CMS maintenance.

We do not price our packages in such a way that we can offer ‘discounts’ against initially inflated prices.

What we charge for website designing (pricing guidelines)

We charge Rs. 15,000/- as initial charges (1st year) for a static website with designing up to 10 pages with responsive design which includes .com domain name registration, Linux hosting (1 GB space with 10GB bandwidth per month) and 20 Email IDs. Also you will get your own hosting control panel from which you can monitor your site traffic statistics, bandwidth, create & delete email IDs etc. You have to pay Rs. 4100/- every year to keep it going. It will include web hosting and domain name renewal. Site updating will cost extra.

Everything extra will be charged as per pricing given in the table. Any discount or reduction in cost of designing package will not be given if you already own a domain name.

Extra ServiceCost
Extra pageRs. 1000/- per page
Website updateAccording to update. Updates do not include major functionality and presentation changes.
Logo designRs. 5000/- 5 design options will be shown.
Corporate identity
(Logo, visiting card, letterhead, envelope)
Rs. 7000/-
Discontinuation of serviceIf you want to discontinue our services and want to transfer the domain name, you have to pay Rs. 1500/- as transfer fee. Annual renewal includes domain name renewal and hosting renewal.
Only web designIf you want only web designing service, and dont need hosting from us, we charge Rs. 9000/ for 5 pages with Responsive Design.
DiscountAny discount or reduction in cost of designing package will not be given if you already own a domain name. Annual renewal cost reduction will be Rs. 500/- less

What is static website ?

Static website is a informative website (which is also called brochure type website) which doesn’t have database function at the back-end. We have to manually code each web page and upload it. This type of websites are not possible to edit them by yourself unless you have HTML coding knowledge or you have to request us every time when there is a need to change something in the website or create new pages – which may attract charges. Static websites are good for small businesses or those who dont want to change the content of the website frequently. Also they are cheap in comparison to dynamic sites.

What is dynamic website ?

Dynamic sites have database back-end and runs on CMS (Content Management System) in which there may be plenty of features like, you can edit it yourself on the fly using inbuilt text Editor (Like MS Word), you can have blog feature with user comments on each post, have discussion forums (will cost extra), you can display your recent Tweets dynamically, you can sell the things online after installing shopping cart feature (will cost extra) etc. And these types of websites doesn’t need any coding knowledge to edit. Also you can create unlimited pages / image galleries without any extra cost.

Which website should I go for?

There is a drastic initial developing and designing cost difference between the two types of websites. Also again it depends on what exact features you want in the dynamic site. For eg. shopping cart, user forums, chat function etc. If you need to update your site frequently, then dynamic website is a good option to go. And if you just want to display your company and product / service info online like brochure and which will not require updates and you have low budget, then static website is the option to go with. By just looking at the site design, no-one can detect whether it is a static or dynamic website. We design both the sites with ultimate professional look.

Not sure which plan to choose ?



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